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Welcome to "KodingStreet"

relating to the outlook, values, or lifestyle of those who are feeling or showing strong excitement about learning Programing and enhance programming skill set .

If You're beginner so just assumes you known basic of computer or some more, or even a rough ideas about what is programming scenario. likely

  • Progamming is what actually means ?
  • What is software development ?
  • How we categorized software development in different manner.

"KodingStreet" The Programming Milestone for Beginners & Experience Software Developer

We cover all the programming concepts in various programming languages, this tutorials are very help full for Beginners as well as Experience developer, for the ease of understanding we categorized programming in different manner likewise.

Basically programming is divides into two parts Programing languages and Database technologies .

In programming world have list of various programming languages, remember one thing, don't be confuse about what will learn and which one not. if you are bigener than let start with primary C language or Python. After that you must have knowledge about programing structures (datatype, varable, function etc..) and some logical concept (decision making, looping structures etc..)

Next, take steps with secondary programming languages like Java, C sharp, Php, Django etc. Note: "No need to learn or practice all these languages, its all may alternatives of each other" . Current Information Technology Scenario is very wast and career oriented, but for those who perceived and known what exacts are companies requirement and what we exactly to learn.

In "KodingStreet", we covers software development terms and classified into Two parts stand alone/desktop application and web application development

  • Desktop application : means types of software which provides solution single user at time like Ms-word,anti-viruses etc
  • Distributed application: types of software that provides solution or service to multiple users at the same time like any web application example google, facebook etc.

lets we talk, about Web application development, which is involves in distributed application category, we again categorized it to ease to understanding of it . Web application is mainly classified into two facets namely, Front-End development and Back-End Development. And obviously, they both have their respective set of tools and technologies. whenever we talk about Front-End development, there always 3 technologies names come in mind HTML, CSS and Javascript.

In same manner, when we talk about Back-End development we must have knowledge of any back End Programming (Server-Side Programming) Language, to make static website convert into dynamic functionality website. We need other tools and Database Technologies, Framework and web services along with any server-side programing language likely- Java, Asp, Php etc

Basic Programming

Logical Programs

Web Technologies

Server-Side Programming

Database Technologies